Fine Home Dining

A family story by the sea
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A restaurant. A home. A garden.

FINE HOME DINING – We offer a true, fine dining experience in our home. We are open on selected dates during the summer and in December for party sizes of 2-20. In other seasons you can still book a group dinner of 6-20. This is a pre-booked seasonal five course menu inspired from the garden together with a beverage package of any of our different selections: exclusive, natural wine or alcohol free herbal drink package. We also have a cellar package with aged wines and a wine list.


Circular no waste philosophy

Husmor Lisa Fine Home Dining has from the start been integrated with the garden, the woods and the environment around us. Since ten years we have run a sustainable kitchen with natural methods and ingredients using the whole product, all to respect nature’s processes and the natural life circle. From our mother and grandmothers we learned to pick and use all eatable parts of the plant, flowers, roots, fruit and leaves. Our furniture, art, table settings and plates come from our family heritage. Every plate will look a bit different as we use the whole plant and all parts. We change the menu along with what we can find in our garden.

Our Concept

Lisa cooks all the food in her kitchen and serves it with a family story. Lisa’s brother Lasse takes care of all the rest in service. The family lives in the house, and we take care not to bother them. Therefore all dates are not open and we work with pre-bookings exclusively. Cancellations are hard for us, also last minute requests.

Try with an SMS if you are in the area. We accept payment by cash (swish) or payment to our account in advance, and your payment will be a confirmation of your booking. Of course we ask you to start your visit at our house with washing your hands and disinfect with our great Provencal products from Petite Senteur. The dinner is served and done by at the latest 22.00. We need extra time to prepare the restaurant carefully for your arrival, and we will make sure that there will be enough time and space for us to do this.

For children and teenagers we have special options. Children are extra welcome at our house and we have a room for hang or play. Specify in your booking.

Please book in our Formitable app on the front page. 

Email for questions:

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Seasonal menu & Prices

  • Fine Home Dining Dinner

    Five course dinner, per person

    1 595
  • Wine package NATURAL

    Natural wine package, wines with our chemicals and great personality

  • Wine package CLASSIC

    Natural wine package with classic wine from France, Italy, Germany and Spain

  • No alcohol home made beverage package

    Home made juices and drinks from the garden

  • Cellar package

    Selected aged wines from our cellar. Must be pre-booked and for at least 5 people.

    1 995
  • Childrens menu

    For our smaller guests, Lisa's home cooked meatballs/or Mama Lisas Bolognese and ice cream with berries & meringue.

  • Teenage menu

Underbar mat i lugn miljö. En speciell upplevelse där Lisa lagar maten av lokala råvaror . Det här är inte som att gå på restaurang.
Fantastisk mat i fantastisk miljö. Husmor Lisa levererar gång efter gång. Vilka smaker och allt är närodlat vilket höjer denna pärla ytterligare ett snäpp.