Fine Home Dining

A family story by the sea

Our Concept

Lisa cooks all the food in her kitchen based on what is available on this day in the garden and at our local suppliers. Lisa cooks and serves the food with a family story and all that she learned from her mother and grandmother’s. Lisa’s brother Lasse takes care of all the rest in service.


We work with pre-bookings for the restaurant exclusively. Cancellations are hard for us, also last minute requests as we are not always open. Try with an SMS if you are in the area. It is rare that we may take reservations of two people, usually only on the open dates, and if we receive only one booking for two on one night, we must have the possibility to cancel your reservation, as our family then would like their privacy of their home. We accept group bookings on other dates that the announced dates, try to send us an email.

Wine & other beverages

We always need you to book a beverage package with our carefully selected wines to your meal. ”Just water” is not an option. We accept payment by cash (Swish or Revolut) or payment to our account in advance, and your payment will be a confirmation of your booking. The dinner is served and done by at the latest 22.00.

We are happy to welcome you to our home built by the sea in the Stockholm archipelago.

Open dates: 15, 22, 23 SEP

7, 28 OCT, 18 NOV


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Seasonal menu & Prices


    Please book by payment to our account in advance. WRITE DATE & NO OF PEOPLE.

  • Fine Home Dining Dinner

    Five course meal from the garden and the wild

  • Wine package NATURAL

    Natural wine package, wines without chemicals and great personality

  • Wine package CLASSIC

    A wine package with classic wine from France, Italy, Germany and Spain. A good Bourgogne will always be included.

  • Wine package CELLAR

    A wine package with classic wine from France, Italy, Germany and Spain, from our cellar. Must be for at least five people and need to be pre-booked at least a week in advance.

  • Garden berries and herbs

    Home made juices and drinks from the garden.

  • Childrens menu

    For our smaller guests, Lisa's home cooked meatballs/or Mama Lisas Bolognese and ice cream with berries & meringue.

  • Teenage menu

Underbar mat i lugn miljö. En speciell upplevelse där Lisa lagar maten av lokala råvaror . Det här är inte som att gå på restaurang.
Fantastisk mat i fantastisk miljö. Husmor Lisa levererar gång efter gång. Vilka smaker och allt är närodlat vilket höjer denna pärla ytterligare ett snäpp.